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Jeremy “Jem” Finch || Nineteen || To Kill a Mockingbird || FC: Joe Brooks

Jem Finch used to think Maycomb County, Alabama was a good place with good people. That was, of course, until Tom Robinson’s case. Now he sees Maycomb as it really is, a town full of good people with ignorant, racist minds. He still tries to keep his head held high, but it’s hard when all the people keep telling him that his daddy is a “nigger lover”.

He is very into football, and hopes to be on Bannerville’s college football team someday, even though he is a bit small. Him, his father, and sister moved to Bannerville in the hopes to escape the racism of Maycomb County, and Jem is thriving here, studying law at Bannerville University, following in his father Atticus’ footsteps. He is doing well, and is very excited to start serving up justice. 

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