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Welcome to Bannersville! 

Welcome to Bannersville, West Virginia. We have all sorts here, the crazy, the gay, the sad and lonely, the adventurous. You name it, they’re here. A cozy town nuzzled in the middle of nowhere, everyone is here for a reason: they’re all a little bit different.

A roleplay dedicated to characters from banned books, this is their time to shine. The good guys to prove just how good they are, and the bad guys can show just how evil they can really be.

Run by mods Mandi and Jax.

Opening: TBD

More bios to come! If anyone has specific characters they would like, let me or my co-mod know!

~Mod: Mandi

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Jeremy “Jem” Finch || Nineteen || To Kill a Mockingbird || FC: Joe Brooks

Jem Finch used to think Maycomb County, Alabama was a good place with good people. That was, of course, until Tom Robinson’s case. Now he sees Maycomb as it really is, a town full of good people with ignorant, racist minds. He still tries to keep his head held high, but it’s hard when all the people keep telling him that his daddy is a “nigger lover”.

He is very into football, and hopes to be on Bannerville’s college football team someday, even though he is a bit small. Him, his father, and sister moved to Bannerville in the hopes to escape the racism of Maycomb County, and Jem is thriving here, studying law at Bannerville University, following in his father Atticus’ footsteps. He is doing well, and is very excited to start serving up justice. 

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Jonas Caldwell** || Fourteen || The Giver ||  FC: Asa Butterfield || OPEN

Jonas’ world was perfect. There are no choices, no troubles, no war. That was, of course, until he was Twelve and he was assigned his occupation: Receiver. He became outcasted to his friends, all thinking he was weird and strange. He began to recieve memories from a man called “The Giver”, and started to see his memories from how the world used to be centuries ago. It shook him, learning the truth about the imperfection and horror that went on in his so called perfect world.

His parents had him move to Bannersville because they could see that he was getting troubled. Jonas is becoming slightly depressed because of all the knowledge he is earning. Love is an outdated term where he was from, and he wants to learn its true meaning.

**Working last name. RPer can change it if desired.

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Anonymous asked,
Charlie's last name is Kelmeckis in the Perks movie :)

Ah! Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

—Mod: Mandi

Charlie Kelmeckis || Sixteen || The Perks of Being a Wallflower || FC: Logan Lerman || OPEN

Charlie’s struggled with life from a young age. His Aunt died in a car crash when he was young, and since then he hasn’t been quite right. He’s very bright, being a fantastic writer, and reading any time he can find opportunity. He seemed pretty alright until his best friend, Michael killed himself. Since then, Charlie spiraled into a swirl of mental problems.

In High School, he found a new group of friends who tried to help him out the best that they could, but Charlie was always a little bit troubled. He turned to smoking to cope, and occasionally drugs. He was admitted to the hospital six months ago because he tried to kill himself. Instead of going back to his home in Pennsylvania, his parents decided they needed to move to Bannersville so that their son could get a fresh start.


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Alice Liddel || Twenty || Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland || FC: Taylor Swift

Alice was a dreamer from day one. When she was a little kid, she used to pretend to go to a place called “Wonderland”, where nothing made sense and The Queen of Hearts was always trying to chop off her head. This was just fine when she was a child, but as she got older, people just thought she was strange for continuing to believe in this magical make-believe place. Even at twenty, she will still insist that this place is completely real, and gets very offended when people tell her otherwise.

She’s often times found sitting up in a tree with her cat, Dinah. She’s a daydreamer found doodling in her college classes, and is known for slacking slightly in her academics. But Alice is likely one of the kindest people you will ever meet, even if she’s getting herself into trouble from not following her own good advice. 

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Annie Kenyon || Seventeen || Annie On My Mind || FC: Isabelle Fuhrman || TAKEN by Mod: Mandi

Annie Kenyon has always been a little strange. Her imagination has always flown out of control, and she’s always had her head in the clouds. Growing up in Brooklyn, she hasn’t had the best education, but she remains to be very bright. In her spare time, she can be found with a good book, in a museum, taking care of her cats, or singing. It’s her senior year in High School, and she hopes to study at a good college and prove herself to people that she can be something special, she wants to prove she can, and will, shine.

She knew she was a little different from a young age, but only very recently did she come to terms with her sexuality. She is proud of who she is, but hasn’t gotten positive responses from most of the people she knows, including her parents. It breaks her heart, but she isn’t going to let ignorance win. Her parents moved with her to Bannersville because of severe bullying in her old High school.

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  1. BE ACTIVE. We know this is hard for everyone, especially with school right now. But please please try.
  2. BE NICE. We will not tolerate ooc drama here. IC is welcomed.
  3. IF YOU NEED TO GO ON HIATUS OR LEAVE THE RP, LET THE MODS KNOW FIRST. We are understanding about these things, and need forward notice
  4. MAGIC ANONS ARE ALLOWED but don’t do anything that could seriously mess up plots (I.E. No poisoning, injuries, sickness, the like.)
  5. PARA! Gif posts and pics are fine, but we’re all a literate group of people, so para whenever possible.
  6. NO GODMODDING. It’s just rude.

If you have read the rules, put “Kenyon” in your application under “Entry Code”

  7. VIOLENCE IS FINE, just tag triggers and put under read-mores if serious stuff. We don’t want to upset any rpers

   8. ANYTHING SMUTTY GOES UNDER A READ-MORE. No exceptions! Clothes come off, read-mores come on.

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Bannersville West Virginia is a nice, cozy small town filled with mostly good people all there for a reason: They’re different. They weren’t wanted where they were from because they were accused of Witchcraft, questioning God, being too gay, or too scary, or too racist. Here in Bannersville, they have time to shine. They can show that their reason for being here isn’t their only trait. Their stories are bigger than that.

There are people of all age, ethnicity, sexuality, levels of sanity, the like. If you can think it up, they are here.

This roleplay is dedicated to characters out of banned books. Books that are not allowed to be read in places for one reason or another. Banned books tend to be the most interesting, the books that stay with you the most. And some have no recognition. So here in Bannersville, we take these characters out to play, and show the world what they’re really made of.

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